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Congratulations, you have a new computer. Don’t want to keep your old computer. Not sure what to do with it? I may be able to help. REFURBISH Many people are tempted to donate their old equipment to a local school or charity. That’s great if you know for sure that the school or charity will […]


Do you have a have a teenage daughter or care about one? Please take the time to read the ENTIRE Redbook article titled, Sexting Trauma: “I Was Naked Out in the World.” The article talks about one girl’s perilous trip down the sexting road. Almost 3 years later, she is still paying the price for […]

What do you REALLY know about him – Protect yourself

You are looking to meet a great new guy. You are in serious dating mode. You hear about a guy from a family member, or friend or online dating website.  Let’s say his name is  Anthony Johnson. He is in shape. He is 6ft. tall,  186 pounds and no tattoos…WOW! You are excited about going […]

OneNote is my buddy – You May Like It To

Last year, I was told by my boss that I had to create and give a training class on OneNote. I did not even know what OneNote was. I now really like it. Think of OneNote as an electronic version of a paper notebook with dividers in it. Before OneNote, I used Microsoft Word to […]

Getting More Out of Google – Part 2

I hope you found a few useful commands in part 1 of Getting More Out of Google. Here are five more things you can do with Google that you may not know about. Search your favorite websites with Google.Use the “site:” feature to limit your search to one particular website. I love cake. I like […]

Get More Out of Google – Part 1

You are probably familiar with doing typical information searches with Google. But there are many lesser-known search commands that are possible with Google. Did you know that you can also use Google to help you spell words, look up definitions and search within a specific website? Here are five tips that may help you get […]