Social Networks


  If you are like me, you get more than enough emails every day. If you subscribe to any of the social networking sites, I am sure you have learned that social-networks can be an additional source of unwanted emails. Depending on your settings, you may get an email every time someone mentions you or […]


I’ll be brief because the links below contain more details about Facebook’s Timeline. WHAT IS IT? Facebook users will automatically be presented with a new look called Timeline. It is a new scrolling visual scrapbook-like feature that will replace the profile page. It will show many if not all of your previous posts and pictures. […]

Being “USED” by LinkedIn?

If you use LinkedIn, your name and picture may end up in an ad. No, LinkedIn did not ask you for your permission to do this. This may be okay with some LinkedIn users, but others are not too happy at all. I found out about this from an article at the excellent website, […]

Google+, The Next Big Thing?

So, just as soon as you get really good at using Facebook and you finally got all of your privacy settings just right, something else comes along…Google+.  If Google Inc. has it’s way, Google+ will overtake Facebook in popularity. WHAT IS GOOGLE+ Google+ is a social networking service that was launched on June 28, 2011. […]