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Being “USED” by LinkedIn?

If you use LinkedIn, your name and picture may end up in an ad. No, LinkedIn did not ask you for your permission to do this. This may be okay with some LinkedIn users, but others are not too happy at all. I found out about this from an article at the excellent website, […]

HELP! I Can’t Keep Up With All Of These Passwords

Does this sound like you or someone you know? I have to remember too many passwords. I have so many passwords that I just write them down. I have so many passwords that I use simple passwords so I can remember them. I use the same password for everything. I have two hopes with this […]

What do you REALLY know about him – Protect yourself

You are looking to meet a great new guy. You are in serious dating mode. You hear about a guy from a family member, or friend or online dating website.  Let’s say his name is  Anthony Johnson. He is in shape. He is 6ft. tall,  186 pounds and no tattoos…WOW! You are excited about going […]

Google+, The Next Big Thing?

So, just as soon as you get really good at using Facebook and you finally got all of your privacy settings just right, something else comes along…Google+.  If Google Inc. has it’s way, Google+ will overtake Facebook in popularity. WHAT IS GOOGLE+ Google+ is a social networking service that was launched on June 28, 2011. […]